About HS Clock

The HS Clock project came about because I wanted to do two things:

1. Brush up on my HTML/CSS/Javascript skills.
2. Quickly see how much time was left in each class period.

Why the retro amber monospace style?

1. I like it and it's my program. Very nostalgic for an old programmer like me.
2. It loads fast and uses less memory. The intention was that this would be
running in a tab all day and I didn't want it eating up resources.
3. If you want something else, I will gladly give you the source files so you can edit them any way you want.

HS Clock is designed to be simple and fast with no ads and no tracking. It's just
what it needs to be and nothing more or less. Anything else would just take longer to load.

HS Clock is now hosted on my personal domain space at www.matrixq.com.
This allows you to access these tools from any computer with a browser
and even on your phone.