Adjusting The Time

The "Adjust Seconds" text box allows you to enter a number that will
adjust the time in order to get the HS Clock web page to be in perfect
sync with the bells. I have found that the network time that our
laptops run on and the phone time that the bells use are about seven
seconds off. You may be syncing with a different network (maybe you are
using a personal computer or device) or you may be going rogue and just
setting the time without the help of your ISP. Whatever the case, you can
make it near perfect by entering a positive or negative value here.

The number you enter represents a number of seconds to change the time.

Use a positive number if the bell is ringing BEFORE the web page changes.

Use a negative number if the bell is ringing AFTER the web page changes.

Please note that refreshing the page will restore the default "0" setting.

In order for the web page to remember your setting, I would have to store a
cookie on your computer. This may come in a later release.