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Solar InfoValueExplanation
LatitudeLatitude for Clever, MO. The equator is at 0 and the North Pole is 90 degrees.
LongitudeLongitude for Clever, MO. Measured in degrees, we are about a quarter of a world away from London.
Time ZoneTime offset in hours from GMT (-6 except during daylight savings time)
Day of YearNumerical day of the year (Julian Date)
Fractional YearAmount of the year that has passed measured in radians (0 to 6.2831853071795864)
Equation of TimeThe difference between the "apparent" solar time and the "mean" solar time.
DeclinationAngle of the sun's rays to the equator measured in radians. Varies from +/-0.409 radians through the year.
Time OffsetDifference between the time on your watch and true solar time.
True Solar TimeThis is the time based on the Sun's position in the sky. Sundial time.
Hour AngleDifference, in radians, between noon and sunrise or sunset
SunriseWhen the top edge of the sun appears to break the eastern horizon.
SunsetWhen the top edge of the sun appears to sink below the western horizon.
Solar NoonWhen the sun appears to be at its highest point in the sky. At this time the solar time should be 12:00.


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